Lot Rules - UPDATED (14.10.2008)

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Lot Rules - UPDATED (14.10.2008)

Post by Atthasit on 5/5/2008, 08:21

1. Every member chooses a set they are most focused on and would like to obtain.

2. Every member chooses a most wanted item from that set.

3. Lotting is based on the chosen set and "most wanted" item.

Priority is (a) Those with most wanted request > (b) Those with set request > (c) Free lot between those that can use > (d) Free lot.

(nb. For members in their first 10 runs, you will have nominated a most wanted item and a set. You will not receive full priority on those items in the following case.

Player A has X piece as most wanted and 10+ runs, Player B also has X requested as most wanted but only 5 runs. Player A gets priority. The same is true if both have set requested.

If Player A has X piece as most wanted and Player B has the set of X requested, both can lot on it.

If no one else is requesting X as either set or most wanted them it goes to Player A before free lot).

4. When pieces drop that are not set as prio piece from any member, lotting rights will be called out by leaders (Atthasit, CF) after a short discussion. We will consider: the main set chosen, attendance, recent attendance, pieces already obstained, jobs at 75, can the player afford the buyable parts*.

*Salvage Body and Head armour is very expensive. We will not challenge anyone to prove they can afford any requested items. If however you are looking to obtain them as free lot, please consider if you can afford the items. We may stop you from free lotting multiple head or body 35's if you are sitting on some that have not been upgraded.

5. Every 20 runs of attendance people can nominate an extra main priority item. Unlike the first request this can be from a different set.

(nb. If your most wanted item is not from your main set there is a slight change to priority.

If player A is requesting X (not in his own set) and player B is requesting X (in his own set), Player B will have priority. If however it is not Player B's most wanted item then Player A gets priority).

6. If a lotting conflict is likely to occur me and CF will generally bring it up with the people requesting and see if agreement can be reached on what happens to certain 35's.

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