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The Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion pack has introduced a myriad of new battles—from the quick, SWAT-style Assault missions to the citywide skirmishes experienced in Besieged. Salvage continues in this tradition by offering several new exploratory missions designed for alliances. While similar to Limbus battles in that up to 18 adventurers can participate, Salvage battles are more than a relentless assault on a seemingly never-ending wave of enemies—they will require precise teamwork and impeccable strategy to complete.

The main objective of Salvage missions is the exploration of the archaeological remains of four newly opened areas (Zhayolm Remnants, Arrapago Remnants, Bhaflau Remnants, Silver Sea Remnants) and the eradication of the demonic beasts that rule their deepest depths. However, this will not be as easy as it sounds. A powerful force known only as the Pathos of Alzadaal limits the abilities of all who enter, making them easy prey for the hordes of fiends waiting in the shadows. To complete these missions, alliances must work as one, or the treasure that slumbers in the remnants' bowels will remain lost for eternity.

How to enter Salvage
  • To enter Salvage areas, you must have completed Treasures of Aht Urhgan Mission 17 and be level 65 or higher.
  • Entry to Salvage requires the key item Remnants Permit. This key item can be bought from Zasshal in Aht Urhgan Whitegate in exchange for 1500 Assault Points. The Assault Points must come from a single Assault area (points from different areas cannot be combined).
  • After obtaining the Remnants Permit, you must make your way to Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, accessible through multiple entrances in Caedarva Mire and the Bhaflau Thickets. The Remnants Permit will allow you free access through the NPC gatekeepers to Alzadaal Undersea Ruins.

Salvage Rules
Minimum Number of Players: 6
Maximum Number of Players: 18 (one full Alliance)
Time: Unlike Dynamis and Limbus, you are limited to a set time of 100 minutes in Salvage.
Entering: Upon entering, the Remnants Permit is lost. Entering Salvage works much like entering Assault: one person clicks the door and proceeds through the dialog to start the mission, then everyone in the alliance that is in the zone, in proximity to the door, and is holding a Remnants Permit is warped in. All members of the alliance need their own Remnants Permit to enter. If a member of the alliance is without a permit near the door, the entire alliance will be unable to enter until he/she leaves the alliance, zone, or obtains a permit.
Using teleporters: There is a white teleporter on every level that transports players to the next level. When one player activates it, all other players will be warped to another level (including dead players). Reraise status is not lost when teleporting. HP and MP are fully restored after using the teleporter.
Reentering: You may obtain another Remnants Permit after midnight JST. This is based on the day that the Remnants Permit was purchased, not the day that the character entered Remnants, so it is possible to enter Remnants twice in one day if the character has a pass that was purchased the day before.
Reservation: An area does not become reserved as it does with Dynamis/Limbus. As such, multiple alliances may enter the same area, commonly known as an instanced battlefield. However, they will be considered separate, and therefore are not able to see each other, work together, or share drops between groups.
Clearing: Upon defeating the mega boss of a particular zone, a teleporter will become active which, if used before running out of time, will exit the area without displaying the "mission failed" message. At this time there is no difference between timing out and teleporting out.
Death: As with Dynamis, Experience Points continue to be lost if you are defeated within Salvage. It is not possible to gain Experience or Limit Points through defeating enemies in these areas.

The Pathos of Alzadaal
Upon entering Salvage, you will be unable to equip any armor or weapons, unable to use any job abilities, all stats will be lowered, Support jobs will be restricted and players will be unable to cast any magic. Each monster in Salvage has a possibility of dropping one or more imbued item (also known as cells). These cells can be used to remove one of the effects specific to each cell. Cells can be traded (or Bazaared) to other players.

Note: Players must dispose of any imbued items they bring back from the remains before they will be allowed to re-enter Salvage.

Note: Occasionally, in spite of receiving the appropriate message, a restriction may still seem to be in place after using a cell. Logging in and out of the game resolves this, with the restriction being removed after logging back in. However, any "Reraise" status that was in effect will be lost.

Incus Cell - Unlocks weapons and shields
Castellanus Cell - Unlocks head and neck equipment
Undulatus Cell - Unlocks ranged and ammo equipment
Cumulus Cell - Unlocks body equipment
Radiatus Cell - Unlocks hand equipment
Virga Cell - Unlocks earring and ring equipment
Cirrocumulus Cell - Unlocks back and waist equipment
Stratus Cell - Unlocks leg and feet equipment
Praecipitatio Cell - Unlocks magic
Humilus Cell - Removes HP Down effect
Spissatus Cell - Removes MP Down effect
Pannus Cell - Removes STR Down effect
Fractus Cell - Removes DEX Down effect
Congestus Cell - Removes VIT Down effect
Nimbus Cell - Removes AGI Down effect
Velum Cell - Removes INT Down effect
Pileus Cell - Removes MND Down effect
Mediocris Cell - Removes CHR Down effect
Duplicatus Cell - Unlocks support job
Opacus Cell - Unlocks job abilities, weapon skills

Sockets and Slots
During Salvage you will find targets called a "Socket" and a "Slot". Trading 1-5 cells to a "Socket" spawns a NM (Notorious Monster) that, upon defeat, drops double the amount of the same cell you traded to the "Socket". Trading a Remnants card obtained from another remnants area to a "Slot" spawns different NMs that drop the lv.15 body pieces. To complete a body piece you will have to visit all four Remnants areas: one area for a card, one area where you use the card to pop a NM for a lv.15 body piece, one area where the boss will drop the lv.25 body piece and a one area where an NM will drop the lv.35 body piece.

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