Bhaflau Remnants - Long-Bowed Chariot

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Bhaflau Remnants - Long-Bowed Chariot

Post by Atthasit on 7/28/2008, 12:28


First Floor
  • Time Check: 0 minutes
  • Enter west path. Kill Bifrons until you have 2 weapon cells (Non MNK melee).
  • Kill everything (without going backwards) until you reach the large room at (G-7). Kill the Bifrons, and 3 Trolls. Proceed forward.
  • Kill all Wandering Wamoura and Trolls in the large center room. Magic cells should go BLM > WHM > BLM > free lot mages.
  • Warp to Second Floor.

Second Floor
  • Time Check: 30 minutes
  • Kill the 4 Empathic Flan as quickly as possible. Have someone pull from the surrounding room while a mob is being fought, so there is no downtime between fights.
  • If more than 9 people need magic to function, gather all magic cells after the 3rd one in the zone on a single person.
  • After all Empathic Flan are dead, take the west path on the second floor. If the Slot is not up, bazaar the magic cells that were previously collected and let mages get them and use them immediately.
  • Continue to the southwest portion of the map, killing 1-2 Wandering Wamoura while one person runs ahead to the porter.
  • If the Wandering Wamoura link, kite them around the circular room where the Empathic Flans were fought while one person stands there to pickt hem off.

Third Floor
  • Time Check: 50 minutes
  • Kill only as many Black Pudding as necessary to unlock Subjob and magic for all the BLM. If time is good, you can farm additional INT cells for BLM, MND for WHM and RDM, and STR cells for melee.
  • Exit through the portal in the central eastern section, being careful not to aggro any Archaic Gear or Archaic Gears.

Fourth Floor
  • Time Check: 70 Minutes
  • Have a THF Flee all the way to the teleporter in the northern area of the map, and warp.

Fifth Floor
  • Time Check: 75 minutes (25 minutes remaining)
  • The general idea is a nuke/kite manaburn strategy. BLM should keep Utsusemi and Reraise up at all times. Keep the strongest nukes you can going as heavy and often as possible.
  • The key to this strategy is trading hate. If any BLM has hate for too long, that BLM will die.
  • Designate one person to make a hate /assist macro in linkshell chat.
  • If you have hate run to an corner.
  • If you don't haev hate run away from the person that does, and immediately nuke again.
  • It's important to keep the MP pool full via Ballad and Refresh.
  • When the boss is at 25-30% HP, it will get TP regen, so this is when you melee zerg it to death:
  • Chainspell + Stun
  • Angon + Feint
  • Hundred Fists
  • Eagle Eye Shot + Slug Shot + Barrage + Slug Shot etc
  • Keep in mind it will build resistance to Stun, so it's not wise to use Stun at any point before this rush.
  • White Mages should take care to Erase the Bind inflicted by Inertia Stream, and the Paralyze inflicted by Discharge as soon as possible.

Positioning during the fight

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