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Attendance Record

Post by Atthasit on 10/14/2008, 03:36

NameLevel 75 JobsAttendance PointsAllowed Wishlist SlotsWishlist
AtthasitBLM RDM RNG4521) Morrigan's Robe (body); 2) Morrigan's Slops (legs)
CythriellMNK WAR SAM2721) Usukane Head
ElsgaredEVERYTHING411) Ares's Cuirass (body)
JahaudantMNK RDM SAM511) Usukane Feet
KuroikenshiNIN MNK THF SAM DRK261Skadi's ?
MellowyCOR SMN3121) Skadi's Jambeaux (feet); 2) ?
NataliyaPLD THF BRD RDM WHM1511) Marduk's Shalwar (legs)
PsyknightPLD MNK ?3221) Usukane Hizayouroi (legs); 2)
ShinaiRDM BLM WHM1511) Morrigan's Cuffs (hands)
SidonaiDRK352?) Ares's Cuirass (body); ?) ???

Attendance points are being calculated by LS logs. Random unscheduled runs DO NOT get rewarded with attendance points as well as LS wishlist doesn't work there.

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