Silver Sea Remnants

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Silver Sea Remnants

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First Floor

You must choose East or West when entering the area. The East path is somewhat easier and provides more cells, but the west path offers an NM as well as several armoury crates with various temporary items.

All the mobs on this floor are fomor, and can drop any of the cells to unlock your abilities/stats unless specified below.

The fomors aggro to job abilities and low HP at 20'. They also aggro to sound. They do not link to other fomors except where noted. They link to Imps by sound; Imps link to Fomors by sight. Be careful when pulling from mixed groups of Fomors and Imps.

The first room before choosing a path will contain a golden Armoury Crate with 10 cells that are deposited into the treasure pool upon opening. The drops are partially random and partially fixed, but will always contain at least one each of Weapon, Magic, Sub Job, Abilities and random stats and armor.

West Path
The first room has 1 Fomor.
The Two Branches at F/G-8 each hold 4 Fomors and 4 Chests per room, total of 16.
The Fomors always drop 3-4 cells at random.
The chests have various temporary medicines (no drinks) including dusty potions, reraise scrolls, elixirs, and rarely megalixirs.
The last big room at G-10 has 6 Fomors all in a row, they will all link (sac pulls may be necessary)
These Fomors are somewhat stronger than the other Fomors in the zone
They need to be killed to proceed.
They have fixed drop types. The southernmost-monk drops 3 Magic cells.
Hume MNK : Weapon x3, Hand x1
Hume MNK : Magic x3, VIT x1
Hume RNG : Sub Job x3, Ranged x1
Mithra RDM : HP x3, MP x1
Mithra RDM : Body x3, ??? x1
Elvaan COR : Ability x3, STR x1
Upon killing all 6 of these Fomors, the NM Hammerblow Majanun spawns which can drop Hikazu Kabuto (low drop rate).

East Path
The first room has 1 Fomor.
Two fomor per room after the first, each has a random chance of dropping a chest.
The fomor always drop 4-5 cells at random.
The last room has 8 fomor, stronger than those on the rest of the floor, with slightly more HP.
These fomor always drop 5 cells, 3 of one kind and 2 of another. You can get all of the most useful cells in this room. It is recommended to kill the Hume MNKs first to expedite the rest of the room.
Hume MNK : Weapon x3, STR x2
Hume MNK : Magic x3, Feet x2
Elvaan COR : Ability x3, Hand x2
Elvaan COR : HP x3, MND x2
Hume RNG : SJ x3, Head x2
Hume RNG : VIT x3, Ring x2
Mithra RDM : Ranged x3, Waist x2
Mithra RDM : Body x3, MP x2

Central Area
16 Fomors which constantly respawn
They drop cells at less than 50% chance, but have very low HP (500?) and are weak.
If you enter the room all of them will aggro you.
The aggro boundary starts where the narrow hallway ends. Do not enter the room without sneak. The aggro boundary ends where the narrow hallway begins before the door to the teleporter (Fomors will become stuck behind an invisible wall), so you can drop sneak safely if you are directly next to the door.
If you pass them with sneak on, they will follow you but not attack, so you can gather them for -ga nuking.
If you leave the room those that are too far away will stop following while those close to you will follow.
If you pull one without entering the room it will not link with any other Fomors.
It is recommended to send 1 person to teleport and farm as much as you can before wiping and then warp.

Second Floor

The SW and NE paths are similar in difficulty (easiest of the four paths).
After opening one of the doors (SE, NW, NE, SW) the rest of the doors become sealed and unpassable.
Fomors link to imps and imps link to fomors, but fomors will not link with other fomors and imps will not link with other imps.
Ashu Talif Crew on this floor drop 3-4 cells each at random.
Heraldic Imps and Devilets on this floor drop 4 cells in pairs (six possible types: HP, sub job, ablities, weapon, magic, body).

NW -- The door to the teleport is locked and Deadpan Devilet must be killed to unlock it.
Deadpan Devilet NM. Drops 10 cells (four types: HP, sub job, abilities, weapons), two each of two types, and three each of the other two types.
Dekka Imp NM always drops Njord's Ledelsens; can drop Enlil's Crackows.
Pops after the Deadpan Devilet is killed at the north end of the room, opposite of the Deadpan Devilet's starting location.
The socket to spawn Gakke is in this path, right behind the Deadpan Devilet.
Armoury Crate x4

NE -- The door to the teleport is always unlocked.
Heraldic Imp x4
Ashu Talif Crew x16
Monsters in this wing will randomly drop Armoury Crates.

SW -- The door to the teleport is always unlocked.
Heraldic Imp x4
Ashu Talif Crew x16
Monsters in this wing will randomly drop Armoury Crates.

SE -- The door to the teleport is locked and all four Devilets must be killed to unlock it.
Devilet x4
Ashu Talif Crew x16
Powderkeg Yanadahn RDM Fomor NM; pops after clearing all Fomors; always drops Hoshikazu Hakama, rarely drops Macha's Slops.
Armoury Crate x4

Third Floor
Coming soon.
Fourth Floor
Coming soon.
Fifth Floor
Coming soon.

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